OOP is Dead! Long Live OODD!

Delivered at the BBC in London. Discusses the “baby” of OO decomposition and design that was thrown out with the “bathwater” of OOP.

Agile Secrets: The Story

Delivered at Medtronic in Minneapolis, MN. Discusses how and why the critical practice of “story telling” has been ubiquitous in software development while simultaneously consistent misused and abused. How and why stories are critical to Agile development and how to develop good story practices is covered.

Design Thinking (with Rebecca Rikner)

Delivered at Agile India. The basics of design thinking and why they are important for software development are presented.

The Unmet Challenge of Craft — Mastery

Also presented at Agile India. Deals with the need for software developers to be much more than great coders and how they might best achieve the mastery of software development required of a true professional.

The Unappreciated Story (with Jane Quillien)

Another Agile India presentation, this one deals with how and why the software community has consistently misunderstood and misused ‘the story’ as a unit of knowledge communication and how stories can be effectively used in the future.