David West

David M. West Ph.D
I can help your organization realize its vision and attain its strategic goals. I specialize in innovation, adaptation, sustainability, IT integration, and organizational design/culture.

I am a mentor/teacher, designer, and change agent.

An eclectic background with expertise in computer science, business, design, complex adaptive systems, cultural anthropology, and Asian philosophy provides the foundation necessary to successfully analyze, model, and design solutions for almost any enterprise problem.

With thirty years experience as a software professional and consultant to large and small enterprises, including members of the Fortune 500, in ten different countries, I have the knowledge, skills, and experience to help your organization achieve its goals.

It is essential for everyone in your organization to understand the concepts, values, principles, and practices of any new approach. Rote adoption is insufficient for success.

I can help you devise a comprehensive - yet simple - model and understanding of your enterprise. Help you use that model to realize your innovation, adaptation, and sustainability goals; while rethinking and integrating IT services in a way that will provide direct and obvious benefit while drastically cutting costs.

I believe in people, not technology or methodology. My goal is to assure your employees will become knowledgable and proficient. Proficiency for solving the demands of today. Knowledgeable so they can adapt, extend, and create the practices your organization will need tommorrow.

My consulting work is done under the auspices of Transcendence Corporation.

This is my personal site and the blog is a collection of occasionally posted opinion pieces.  The articles page provides access to selected papers or presentations that may be downloaded.  They are all subject to the creative commons license.

I am a lifelong reader - almost anything - and collector of books.  The bookshelf page provides access to the list of over 3400 titles currently on my shelves.  This number will grow by about 3-5 per week.  If you browse the list and are inspired to recommend something that it looks like I might enjoy or have a comment about a particular book, I would like to hear from you.  In the future this page will be interactive, but for now, please email your comments and suggestions.